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Web 1.0 Hosting - is an advanced static hosting with some predefined most necessary ready-made scripts, a smallweb project that makes it possible to access static websites from old devices such as retro computers, old operating systems, palmtops, and cellular phones as part of an initiative to save the old web and support the smallweb movement. Hosting of modern websites and the use of modern technologies are also permitted. There is also a search engine, web mail and web chat, working on both modern and legacy systems.


What is Smallweb (smolweb)?

Smallweb is a movement towards creating and maintaining small, minimalist websites that focus on content and functionality rather than complex visuals and interactive features. These sites are often created by enthusiasts and small communities, making them more personal, unique and specialized.

Self-sustaining and independent: Like Web 1.0 sites, smallweb sites are often created and maintained by independent developers or small teams, thereby avoiding dependence on large platforms and their rules.

HamsterCMS is a simple website builder that runs on Web 1.0 Hosting and allows you to create beautiful and functional websites with zero programming knowledge from ready-made templates. Moreover, you can easily learn the basics of web development by customizing your website template and even be able to create your own.

Web 1.0 Hosting and HamsterCMS open the door to the smallweb world, where simplicity, functionality and independence come first. Create your unique website without unnecessary complications and costs today. Join the smallweb movement and go back to the roots of the Internet with Web 1.0 Hosting and HamsterCMS!

Start your journey into the world of smallweb - it's easier than you think!

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