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By sending us a registration request you agree to process your personal data (email address) and comply with European Union laws. We are not responsible for the content you store or publish, as well as any loss or damage caused due to the unavailability or malfunction of the website. The website and stored data can be deleted by the administration at any time without explanation.

*Enter preferred login/domain:.w10.site | .w0.am | .narod.ws | .oldcities.org
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You can write a login of someone who told you about our web hosting in the "How did you know about us" field and we provide +500Mb of the disk space to that person!

Disk space of the referrer will be extended only if the website of a new user is not empty (after upload). Empty websites will be deleted after 180 days since the registration.

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GDPR & Cookies Policy:
We do not use cookies and do not store your personal data other than the email addresses required by the registration. We do not sell or share your data with third-party persons or companies. All the logged IP addresses are obfuscated with the irreversible hash function.
Abuse Policy:
We are subject to the laws of the European Union and upon receipt of a complaint, we will be forced to take actions aimed at eliminating the violation, up to and including closing the site located on our hosting.
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